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Describe Your Business Masterclass


About Describe Your Business Masterclass 

Do you struggle to describe your business if asked ‘what do you do’ when networking, pitching and creating social media and website content?

This 60-minute online Zoom class will give you a proven framework to help you articulate what you do in just 50 words so that you can crack this tricky and common challenge for businesses. 

It is led by Felicity Cowie who is a communications trainer for some of the world’s leading organisations, former BBC News and Panorama journalist and author of 50 Mighty Words to Grow Your Business and Exposure: Insider Secrets to Make Your Business a Go-To Authority for Journalists

Felicity will share her 50 Mighty Words® framework for around 45 minutes and then take your questions, so you leave the session with a strong idea of how to describe your business, when both speaking and writing, and the confidence boost that delivers.

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