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Endorsements matter 100%! 

My whole business advocates the value of third-party endorsements.

I share my endorsements below to show you how to present them and I will update this as I go along:

In pictures
Here is an at-a-glance and in pictures view of what I offer. This is a powerful shortcut and can be used throughout your website and social media channels. 

A top endorsement 
This endorsement doesn't speak to my current business offering to my clients, however it enforces where my expertise comes from and provides strong proof. Plus it's a great story from a strong source.

A related endorsement
This endorsement relates to a product introducing what is to come ...

Quotes from people who have had strong outcomes from working with me. Powerful. But more powerful if you add them alongside pictures and wider acclaim.  

Ongoing word of mouth endorsements
Always share your Linkedin testimonials on this page, one link will point to everything you gain. If you are starting out then this may be all you have but it's very valuable.


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