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Get great headlines,
without relying
on an agency

Learn how to win powerful media coverage by yourself using specific tactics explained from a journalist’s point-of-view.

Exposure Business Book Awards 2023

'This is truly a game-changing guide for any founder seeking to get return on investment from media coverage. I’ll be recommending it for years.'

Eileen Burbidge MBE
Founding partner, Passion Capital

'If you are serious about harnessing the real power of media relations for your business and yourself as an entrepreneur thought leader, then Exposure is a must read.'

Melanie Hawken
Founder CEO, Lionesses of Africa

'I run multiple brands and will keep referring back to this book whenever I need to ramp up coverage.' 

Amazon reviewer


Amazon review

What do you get?

It's not just a book - it's everything you need to get great headlines for your business today

​When I first started working on this project, my ambitions were pretty modest - take all of the tools and insights I've developed with clients and shared on LinkedIn, turn them all into one resource and put the out into the world.

But then I won a publishing contract, after taking part in a 10 day business book proposal challenge, and I realised I had an opportunity to create something better than that. Something that wasn't just a book, but more like a complete survival kit for businesses who wanted to work directly with journalists.

Here's what I created for you ...

The book

A professionally published paperback book containing 5 chapters of insights and examples plus a toolkit spread across 200+ pages. Also available as an ebook. 

The book includes literally everything I know about media relations, distilled into easy to read chapters.

It also includes insights from two expert contributors: 

An explanation of why media coverage is crucial for business success from leading venture capital investor Eileen Burbidge MBE who has written the Foreword. 

A deep dive into what journalists are looking for in a Q&A section with Peter Sands who has trained 1000s of journalists, including many of today's leading editors.

Every chapter is designed to be an independent as possible, so you can read them in almost any order. Or you can jump straight into the media toolkit and its 9 tools. 

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Get Exposure today

Learn how to win powerful media coverage by yourself using specific tactics explained from a journalist’s point-of-view.


Launch of Exposure at Waterstones, Bristol, UK in June 2022

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Shortlisted for The Business Book Awards 2023 with winners announced May

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