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What it's like to work with me

Updated: Feb 16

I've helped some of the world’s leading organisations gain extensive news coverage, whilst working as a media relations coach and consultant. Before that, having been pitched at least 100,000 story ideas as a former BBC News and Panorama journalist I have an insider’s view on what breaks through and why. Working together, I make my insider secrets available to YOU, in an affordable way ...

My coaching enables businesses to lead on their own media relations rather than rely on paying a retainer to an agency, or other paid advisors.

I found, as a journalist, an arms-length approach created a barrier between me and a founder or leader's story and the essence of their company. You can maximise your authenticity and tone of voice if you can work directly with journalists.

Hiring a PR agency costs upwards of £2k per month and media relations is a specialist area of public relations. Upskilling yourself and your team, with direct insights into how to collaborate with journalists, is an investment which offers ongoing returns.

My main reason from moving out of covering large breaking stories as a journalist and into the work I do know is that I got so bone-tired reporting natural disasters and human failures. I wanted instead to be a big part of putting stories about the best of human endeavours into the world. Specifically the work of entrepreneurs with potentially world-altering ideas.


'Want to get that interview with a journalist? Go to Felicity.'

'She has real skill in being able to formulate and ask the right questions in the right way to unpick challenging situations and flair in translating complex information into easily understandable messaging.'

'Her sessions are fun, instructive and practical with a whole lot of professional tools to take away.'

'She helped us to reach our goals more quickly with her clarity and good humour.'

'She’s extremely smart, proactive and inquisitive and was an immense help whether providing strategic advice and guidance, brainstorming creative ideas, or turning complex content into compelling storylines, no matter who the audience. There were no challenges she couldn’t tackle.'


HERE Technologies | NHS | Nielsen | UCAS | SETsquared | Virgin


Exposure: Insider secrets to make your business a go-to authority for journalists (published June 2022)

50 Mighty Words to Grow Your Business

Business awards

  • PwC Building Public Trust in Corporate Reporting Awards 2016

  • Royal Television Society Award 2006 (for work with BBC Panorama)

  • Royal Television Society Award 2005 (for work with BBC News Channel)


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