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Sometimes we create change. Other times change comes in a crisis. In any crisis, you need to be able to shorten the critical decision-to-communications time and Cowiecom’s Crisis Training gives you you the action steps to take to make that happen.   

Who is it for?

For C-suite, communications directors, legal directors, crisis management team leaders


What do you learn?

  • A key technique for regular communication during a crisis even when information is confusing, limited or intermittent

  • How to get everybody on the same page and enable collaborative problem-solving, scrutiny instead of mutiny

  • How to neutrally identify information gaps and blind spots

  • How to build a strong chain of command so you can delegate actions or source information fast

  • How to keep communications focused and on track

  • How to protect your reputation by optimising media and stakeholder relations, reputation

  • How to mitigate risk by minimising legal, financial and governance issues

  • Take away clearly identified follow-up action steps to strengthen your crisis response

➕ Add-on available

In a crisis, journalists will hold the leader of an organisation accountable and expect statements and interviews from them. You can add 1:1 Crisis Media Spokesperson Training for your key spokesperson to any crisis management training package. This can include options to work with voice trainers, camera operators and radio producers approved by Cowiecom so you get the right expert support brought to you.

This training is developed out of Felicity Cowie's experience as a breaking news journalist for BBC and ITV. It will work for you too because the way journalists communicate breaking news is directly transferable to businesses experiencing crisis. 


‘Felicity knows how to cope with fast-paced, changing environments and keep a cool head. Importantly, she has strategies for helping others find the same approach.' - Client

'She is proactive and instinctively goes the extra mile to add value, which was particularly appreciated given the short notice and evolving nature of the brief.' - Client


To discuss how to tailor this training to test your business functions and rehearse high-risk scenarios contact







About Cowiecom

Hello. I'm Felicity Cowie, founder of Cowiecom and an international communications trainer, author and award-winning former BBC, ITV and Panorama journalist. 

I share everything I know about making and delivering communications which drive change through my training, Exposure toolkitfree advicetools and interviews.

In 2009, I left my career as a breaking news and investigative journalist to work with organisations committed to navigating change with minimum drama, for maximum development. If you are seeking the same for your business, let's chat

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