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Sometimes you want to create media interest. Other times, it comes during a crisis. Media training from Cowiecom helps you and your business get ready to work both proactively and reactively with journalists.  

Who is it for?


If you are a business or organisation which impacts many people, or you proactively offer journalists stories, you are open to media-wide scrutiny. Becoming a news story (good or bad) is disruptive to your business as usual.

Journalists will tell your story and expect access to a named spokesperson who they will hold to account, usually your Chief Executive. Additionally, they will frequently request interviews with your customer-facing or frontline teams so they can bring your operations to life.

What do you learn?

You can tell journalists your story with Cowiecom's Media Spokesperson Training which empowers you to:

  • Grow your awareness of the different ways print and broadcast journalists, and their newsrooms behind the scenes, operate so you can take informed decisions

  • Identify the best spokespeople in your organisation to tell your stories

  • Get your key messages with proof points into short, memorable sentences

  • Explore how your messages are likely to land with specific journalists, media outlets and in the current news agenda 

  • Prepare the four sources of information you need for all proactive and reactive media work - Holding Statements, Lines To Take, Key Messages and Proof Points 

  • Get all your media spokespeople comfortable and confident with interviews on camera and mic so they can deliver your key messages 

  • Ensure a strong performance for the most accountable member of your organisation, usually your Chief Executive, during the most challenging interviews


‘Felicity offers an in-depth understanding of how the media works.’ - NHS client

As well as having a fantastic range of media experience she is great at helping clients understand and develop their own insights and great fun to have as part of the team. - Training client


Training can be offered both 1:1 and in a group and tailored to your immediate and longer term priorities. It can also include options to work with voice trainers, camera operators and radio producers approved by Cowiecom so you get the right expert support brought to you.


To discuss what you need contact


How the training works for founders and solopreneurs


Are you at the pre-start-up or early stages of your business, or you’re a solopreneur, and interested in working with journalists? Perhaps you:


  • Don’t yet have budget for specialist support

  • Want to get great headlines for your business by yourself but don't know how to start

  • Want to understand more about the benefits and risks of media coverage so you can evaluate if it's for you

Felicity Cowie's low cost but complete toolkit shows you how to win powerful media coverage by yourself using specific tactics explained from a journalist’s point-of-view.

About Cowiecom

Hello. I'm Felicity Cowie, founder of Cowiecom and an international communications trainer, author and award-winning former BBC, ITV and Panorama journalist. 

I share everything I know about making and delivering communications which drive change through my training, Exposure toolkitfree advicetools and interviews.

In 2009, I left my career as a breaking news and investigative journalist to work with organisations committed to navigating change with minimum drama, for maximum development. If you are seeking the same for your business, let's chat

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