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Empowering people to understand what you do, so they can decide for themselves why that matters to them, guarantees meaningful engagement. A 50-word Identity Statement for your project or business, packed with key information, creates this connection fast. 

Who is it for?

Founders, C-suite, Business Analysts, Project and Programme Managers, Communications Directors, Marketing Directors, Human Resources Directors, Business Development Centres, Learning & Development Programmes, Personal Development Courses and Conferences.

What do you learn and gain?


  • How to use a tool which immediately enables you to construct a fact-packed, 50-words Identity Statement for your project or whole business. 

  • How to save a huge amount of time and budget by consistently embedding this statement across all your spoken and written communications.

  • Momentum to move your business forward by getting your focus into tangible words - making it 100% easier for you to ​create all your communications.

‘Great insights from an experienced former journalist who really knows how to get the best stories from businesses in 50 compelling words.’ - Angela Hicks, CEO of The Hive 


How to get the training?

This training is delivered as a Describe Your Business Masterclass which can be booked 1:1 or for your team or organisation, and can be offered online or in person, by contacting

A General Admission 60-minute online group Describe Your Business Masterclass is coming soon as an affordable option for solopreneurs and pre-start up or early stage businesses, minimising the time you have to take out of your business to work on your business. Join Waitlist here

About Cowiecom

Hello. I'm Felicity Cowie, founder of Cowiecom and an international communications trainer, author and award-winning former BBC, ITV and Panorama journalist. 

I share everything I know about making and delivering communications which drive change through my training, Exposure toolkitfree advicetools and interviews.

In 2009, I left my career as a breaking news and investigative journalist to work with organisations committed to navigating change with minimum drama, for maximum development. If you are seeking the same for your business, let's chat

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