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Exceptional communications can make or break how successfully you navigate change whether you are starting a business, heading a transformation project or leading an organisation in a new direction. You need a communications programme designed to withstand and triumph over the inevitable challenges you face. 

Who is it for?

✔️ Starting a business

✔️ Changing ownership or leadership

✔️ Expanding or streamlining your teams, services or products

✔️ Seeking new or stronger customer relationships

✔️ Launching a company-wide project

✔️ Rolling out a strategy

✔️ Updating or automating your core systems and processes

What will Cowiecom's Strategic Communications Programme give me?


When you are inside a changing business it's impossible to develop a fresh pair of eyes when you are delivering current operations and goals. Your diary is usually back-to-back so any time allocated to project or strategy development needs to be focused on insights, tools and actions which will move you forward immediately. The Programme will empower you and your organisation to:

  • Articulate your core identity and focus 

  • Prioritise and articulate your project, or strategic goals, by aligning them to your core identity, giving you a consistent, compelling and engaging narrative flow 

  • Identify your most compelling proof points - such as case studies, use cases, images and killer stats - to support your roll out of changes and engage other people

  • Embed all this information in your spoken and written communications to optimise and accelerate engagement and buy-in e.g., when creating or refreshing a website, pitching a project or delivering keynote speeches and town halls to your employees



How does the Programme work?

The first phase of the Programme includes:

  • An audit of your current external identity and your plans for change. Cowiecom does all the 'heavy-lifting' here, you don't have to do anything except supply any project or strategic materials that you want to be included in the audit.

  • A First findings Report which helps you see any bridges, gaps, conflicts, risks and missed opportunities between your existing identity and project or strategic goals. 

  • Interview/s with you and/or anybody who you nominate to review the First Findings and gain deeper clarity about your strategy - these are short, using the First Findings for structure and focus.

  • Full recommendations ready for you to achieve, with suggested Identity Statement, timelines and illustrative content to make implementation as quick and streamlined as possible.

‘Felicity's strengths include being able to take in vast downloads of complex messaging and intent before evolving it into a clear and concise strategy.- Global tech company with 9k employees client

Add-on second phase of Cascade Training to embed your communications and empower collaboration. This includes:

  • A key technique for regular communication during change even when information is confusing, limited or intermittent

  • How to get everybody on the same page and enable collaborative scrutiny instead of mutiny

  • How to neutrally identify information gaps and blind spots

  • How to delegate actions and source information efficiently

  • How to keep work focused and on track

Cascade Training works best for whole small organisations or groups of peers. This approach gives you and your teams a shared communication model to fast track how you share information across your functions. 


The Strategic Communications Programme is developed out of Felicity Cowie's experience as a breaking news journalist for BBC and ITV. It will work for you too because the way journalists communicate breaking news is directly transferable to businesses undergoing change and transformation.

‘Felicity knows how to cope with fast-paced, changing environments and keep a cool head. Importantly, she has strategies for helping others find the same approach.' - Training client

To get started you can commission an audit of your current external identity and your plans for contacting

About Cowiecom

Hello. I'm Felicity Cowie, founder of Cowiecom and an international communications trainer, author and award-winning former BBC, ITV and Panorama journalist. 

I share everything I know about making and delivering communications which drive change through my training, Exposure toolkitfree advicetools and interviews.

In 2009, I left my career as a breaking news and investigative journalist to work with organisations committed to navigating change with minimum drama, for maximum development. If you are seeking the same for your business, let's chat

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